VNPF edges closer to a permanent office on Tanna

Unveiling of VNPF foundation stone

The Prime Minister (PM), Bob Loughman, unveiled the plaque to mark the laying of the foundation stone of the new Tanna VNPF Branch Office on one of the two plots of land acquired at the Imayelone Subdivision near Whitegrass Airport in west Tanna yesterday.

Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) plans to build a two-storey building not only to house the TAFEA Branch but, it will also be rented out to any interested tenants.

There are plans to develop the other plot of land for members’ benefit.

A sale and purchase agreement to acquire the two plots of land was signed with the Rainbow Estates Limited in January early this year.

Both the plots of land are bought at over Vt3 million.

General Manager (GM) of VNPF, Parmod Achary, said the plan to build VNPF’s own building is due to increase in employers and staff to serve members and implement activities and projects.

Having an own office will allow TAFEA Branch to expand its services, he said.

VNPF has been renting an office space since establishing on Tanna in 2009.

Malekula and Tanna VNPF offices are being rented while the Luganville and Head Office in Port Vila are owned by VNPF.

Yesterday’s unveiling also witnessed the transfer of lease from the current lessor to VNPF.

PM Bob Loughman said the development will elevate business and standard of living. “It’s part of the government’s policy of ensuring that each citizen must practice saving money,” he said.

He said VNPF is supporting the development policy through its projects or investments in sectors such as education, health, telecommunication and energy.

He commended the VNPF Board and management for the initiative which will bring services close to the people on Tanna and TAFEA Province as a whole.

Spokesperson of the landowners, MP Nako Natuman said they are pleased to offer land to the government to do development that will benefit everyone.

Yesterday’s unveiling of the foundation stone for the VNPF TAFEA Branch was witnessed by a high government delegation comprising of the Minister of Finance responsible for VNPF, Johnny Koanapo, Minister of Health, Silas Bule, Minister of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Jay Ngwele, Minister of Climate Change, Bruno Leingkone, Minister of Trades, James Bule, Director Generals and Directors, including officials from TAFEA Provincial Council.

Members of the VNPF Board and staff were present to witness the foundation stone unveiling, as well as some officers from the National Bank of Vanuatu .

The VNPF TAFEA Branch Project is facilitated by VNPF’s Property Department

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