Victim’s Partner Speaks Out

After 30-year-old Dimitri Kalala from Epi was attacked at Joint Court on Monday this week, his partner, Rolanka Sandy from Tongoa spoke to Buzz 96.3 FM’s Vanuatu Nightly News team about the incident which took place at their residence.

Ms Sandy says the incident took place just after 7am that day. She says her partner who also sells cigarettes was reaching back to get the cigarettes which the attacker, Willie Sepa paid for. It was then, that Sepa used a knife to cut Dimitri Kalala on the back of his head and neck.

Ms Sandy says Sepa is from Emau Island off the north east coast of Efate, she says he is a relative of hers, however she says he does not live with her and her partner, however he turned up, a day before the incident.

She says her mother asked him to housesit as there was no one at home at the time. She however alleges that Sepa may have been under the influence of a narcotic substance, which she believes causes him to behave in such a manner.

Ms Sandy says her younger sister took the ProMedical ambulance bill to Sepa’s mother who was surprised to hear that her son had returned to Port Vila as he was sent home to North Efate to keep him out of trouble.

Ms Sandy earlier told her family to call the police as he was walking around with a bush knife early that morning, however her partner Kalala refused to do so as he took the situation as normal for Sepa.

She was already at work when one of her in-laws called her and said her partner had been stabbed. She then called up ProMedical who arrived at the scene and took Kalala to the Vila Central Hospital.

She says Sepa is now in police custody.

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