VBTC signs 4-year agreement to become Platinum Sponsor of Fest’Napuan

The Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (VBTC) has signed a four-year agreement with the Fest’Napuan Association to provide live coverage of the event across all its media platforms – Radio Vanuatu, Paradise FM, and Television Blong Vanuatu.

The coverage will also be re-broadcast on Channel 56 on Canal-Plus and on Facebook Live.

Under the agreement, VBTC will also produce a commemorative two-hour DVD of Fest’Napuan with 70% of the proceeds from the sale of the DVD going back to the Association.

The balance will be retained by VBTC to cover production costs.

Announcing the new sponsorship deal, the national broadcaster’s Chief Executive Officer, Francis Herman, said Fest’Napuan is an important cultural and musical extravaganza that has gained international recognition as the largest musical festival in the Pacific.

“It’s only appropriate that as Vanuatu’s national radio and television service we lend our full support to Fest’Napuan which has grown from strength to strength over the years in promoting local talent”.

“This year’s festival is based around the theme of protecting our environment and again VBTC plays a pivotal role in supporting all climate change-related initiatives,” Herman stated.

Responding to VBTC’s involvement in Fest’Napuan the chairperson of this year’s organising committee, Richard Shing, welcomed VBTC’s support and commented it’s good to formalise what has previously been an ad hoc arrangement with VBTC.

“Our long-term partnership will ensure people outside of Port Vila watch and hear the local Pacific talent on show during Fest’Napuan. I’m sure people around Vanuatu and other parts of the world will enjoy this feast of original Pacific music”.

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