Vaturisu calls on Efate voters to unite and support candidates in Efate Rural constituency Chief Simeon

Chief Simeon Poilapa. Photo: File

The Chairman of the Efate Vaturisu Council of Chiefs, chief Simeon Poilapa, has called on the people in the Efate Rural constituency to respect all political parties and candidates during the upcoming national parliamentary general election.

Chief Poilapa thanked the Vanuatu government through the leadership of Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and the council of ministers for the decision in allowing Efate Rural constituency an additional seat in the national parliament.

He said the people of Efate are pleased with the decision of the government.

“Vaturisu thanks past and present MPs who called on the past and present government for an additional seat in the national parliament. The people of Efate are pleased that their request was answered by the government,” said Chief Poilapa.

He made specific mention of former MP Alfred Carlot and current MP Efate Rural MP Joshua Kalsakau, for their call to the governments that have now been answered.

“In a few weeks, the application forms for anyone wishing to stand as candidate in the general elections will be open to the public,” the Vaturisu chairman added.

“Whilst Vaturisu respects the constitutional rights of any citizens wishing to stand as candidate in the Efate Rural constituency, Vaturisu also believes that there is always our custom and cultural respect to the indigenous Efatese in whose lands and resources the Efatese has been sharing with other island grouping from every island in Vanuatu residing in Efate including those who have made Efate their future home.

“Vaturisu is calling for understanding and respect by all voters in the Efate rural constituency to stand as one and give due respect to the Efate candidates as this will be a sign of our true Melanesian traditional values, faith in God and Christian principles as stated in the Constitution.

Chief Poilapa urged all chiefs and the people of Efate and the offshore islands, to be ready to accept any candidates wanting to present themselves or their political parties in their nakamals.

He also asks that Efate chiefs warmly welcome them and that they also be given respect during the election campaigns in the 2020 general election.

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