The Public Works Department (PWD) conducted its annual planning workshop from November 14 to 25 with key professionals from across Vanuatu to finalise the annual Rural Roads Work Plan (WP) for 2017.

In his opening address to all Divisional Managers and Civil Engineers, the Director of Public Works, Sam Namuri emphasized the high priority the Government of Vanuatu places on year round access ensuring economic and social development through a well maintained road network for all people in Vanuatu.

He congratulated all participants for the obvious preparation and effort that went into staging this successful event and highlighted that this is the first time that PWD has enabled the timely finalisation of the work plan through such a united and transparent approach.

Work plans for rural roads were finalised and approved for all six provinces with a detailed maintenance and improvement schedule for 2017.

Works undertaken will cost approximately Vt645,000,000.

These works are to be jointly funded by the Government of Vanuatu and Australia through the Roads for Development (R4D) Program.

Works in 2017 will include routine maintenance of 740 kilometres, periodic maintenance of 175 kilometres and road rehabilitation of 1.4km incorporating 62 drifts, 22 culverts, and 4846 meters of concrete pavement in different islands across Vanuatu.

The finalisation and sign off commit the PWD as part of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities to fulfil the obligations specified in the 2017 Rural Roads Work Plan.

The work plan is of critical importance in how PWD consistently monitors and measures its performance in fulfilling its service delivery obligations to the nation.

The Rural Roads Work Plan incorporates significant opportunity for the private sector through its various contracting opportunities.

Extensive community partnership agreements between PWD and communities across Vanuatu ensure sustainable benefit to the communities at a grass roots level through the implementation of this work plan.

It is also shared with government departments, donors, and other partners in diplomatic relations.

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