Vanuatu reaffirms stand on South China Sea

MPs listening and taking notes during a presentation on the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) by the Deputy Director-General of the CPC Centre for International Exchanges.

Vanuatu has maintained its support on the issue of South China Sea and recognizes Taiwan as part of China.

This has been reaffirmed by the First Deputy Speaker, MP Edwin Macreveth, the Head of mission of a joint parliament delegation who are currently in Beijing.

On Tuesday the Vanuatu delegation met with Mr. Yang Liang, Deputy Director-General of the Communist Party of China Center for International Exchanges, IDCPC who warmly welcomed the delegation and gave an extensive overview of the Communist Party of China (CPC) including its history, the strategies undertaken by the CPC.

The success story of CPC and the future long-term goals and policies of CPC were also highlighted by the CPC dignitary.

The Communist Party of China is the ruling party. Vanuatu is the first country in the South Pacific Region to establish ties with the CPC.

So far, four political parties have established ties withthe CPC. They are: Vanua’aku Pati (VP), Reunification of Movement for Change (RMC), National United Party and Union of Moderate Parties (UMP).

Mr. Liang also summarised China’s history and how it made it to where it is today. China is one of the world’s oldest civilisations and currently ranked the second largest economy in the world.

Leading a delegation of Members of Parliament representing at least seven political parties, MP Macreveth acknowledged the Deputy Director-General of IDCPC for the insight into the CPC and how it is able to sustain despite being responsible for a massive population of 1.4 billion people.

He admitted that the governing system undertaken by CPC is an eye opener to some of the MPs, adding that some it would in some ways benefit the different political representations as well as the Vanuatu Government.

The delegation also had the opportunity to meet and interact with the Vice Minister of the IDCPC, Mr. Guo Yezhou. He hosted a welcome luncheon in honor of the MPs.

The interactions with the Vice Minister is hoped to motivate and inspire the parliamentarians in their political careers, Macreveth remarked. He also acknowledged that it is an opportunity for the politicians to explore new ideas to develop their parties.

During the luncheon, it has been emphasised that the visit reflected the strong ties shared between the Government of China and the Government of Vanuatu and the confidence is demonstrated in Vanuatu through major projects supported by the Chinese Government, including the Convention Centre, Pacific Mini Games Sports complex, the longest wharf in the Pacific, construction of the Prime Minister’s Office, to name a few.

Mr. Yezhou said he hoped Vanuatu, particularly the political parties would become role models to other Pacific Island Countries in initiating relations with CPC.

The delegation also met with Mr. Dun Shixin, Director General of Bureau VI, Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and later on in the afternoon, they had the opportunity to be among thousands of visitors at the ancient Forbidden City.

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