Vanuatu Police Force General Election Operation Order Launched

VPF Overseer, Superintendent Namen Kali

The Vanuatu Police Force (VPF) has officially launched the General Election Operation Order which will deploy teams to each province and monitor political campaigns in the following weeks.

VPF Overseer, Superintendent Namen Kali is appealing to campaign leaders and supporters to respect the Public Order Act and the People’s Representatives Act during this time until the Grand Election next week on March 19th.

“For the past years, the Vanuatu Police Force has played a significant role in maintaining and ensuring a peaceful election is executed with no turbulences,” said Superintendent Kali.

“The aim of this operation is to monitor political campaigns, provide security to very polling station in each province and to ensure each citizen recognizes their civil freedom and the right to vote.”

The Vanuatu Mobile Force (VMF) has also made arrangements for its officers to assist in the operation.

The Superintendent wishes to remind all campaign teams to respect traffic rules and avoid using loud inhalers with siren noises which is considered a disturbance against the law.

MV Tukoro and MV Auki (a patrol boat provided by the Solomon Government) is scheduled to travel this weekend to deploy teams in all provinces, including offshore islands from North to South. MV Tukoro will cover the Northern islands while MV Auki will deal with the Southern islands.

Following an incident which occurred in Tanna island involving drunkards fighting with other campaign groups, Superintendent Kali is advising campaign leaders to “control your team, as we will not tolerate anyone to jeopardize this approaching election”.

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