The Vanuatu Beverage Limited (VBL) is offering Vt200,000 to anyone with information linking to yesterday’s break-in at the industry.

VBL also extends their gratitude to two of its heroic guards who prevented a fire disaster evidently made by thieves who broke into the enclosure around 3am.

Jimmy and William from the Department of Protection Security Assistance (DPSA) were on a night shift when the incident occurred.

Luckily, the officers detected the petrol burning and ran with buckets of water back and forth from the tap to put out the fire.

“The whole team at Vanuatu Beverage is eternally grateful for these two men whose actions has proven us all of a great standard of duty,” the VBL Management stated.

“We can never be thankful enough for these two-hard working and brave men. Their actions have saved the jobs of 80 families and hundreds of millions of investments for the country.”

This criminal act of arson is the second intent of sabotage to Vanuatu Beverage.

In 2018, just before the new factory became operational one security spotted a man trying to break into the new building and chased him away.

Once again, the 80 families that depend on this factory were grateful.

“One thing is for sure, one individual is trying to burn us down and end the careers of 80 families, some who have been working there for more than 20 years,” VBL stated.

“One individual is trying to burn down years of hard work and hundreds of millions of vatu worth of investment to develop the country and bring more jobs and more money for the locals.

“This second attack that came with the same method of sabotage is surely linked and we are offering a reward of Vt200,000 for any information that will lead to the arrest of this or these criminal(s).

“If you hear anything that could link someone to these crimes you can write to VBL or the police. The information you provide will remain anonymous and you will still collect the reward if the police can make the arrest and prove the case.”

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