Vanuatu attends International Convention on Population Development

A Vanuatu Government delegation led by the Youth and Sports Development Minister, Francois Chani (MP) is currently attending the International convention on Population Development ICPD25 summit in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

The official opening of the three-day summit for ICPD25 took place on Tuesday, 12th November, 2019, with key messages from UNFPA president, Ms. Natalie Kanem, Denmark crown Princess, Mary, Deputy Secretary General of United Nations General Assembly, Mrs. Amina. J Mohammed, Denmark minister for Development Corporation, Rasmus Prehn and Kenya’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta.

The five speaker’s key messages focus mainly on achievements of ICPD after the Cairo summit in 1994. The Nairobi ICPD 25 Summit focuses on five themes on achieving access to sexual and reproductive health, mobilizing the financing to finish the ICPD program of action, drawing on demographic diversity to drive economic growth and sustainable development, End gender violence and practices on child marriage and female mutilation and upholding the right to sexual and reproductive health care and with five accelerators of progress on Gender Equality, Youth Leadership, political and community leaderships, Innovation and Data as well as partnership.

The five guest speakers call upon more than 160 States members to celebrate Nairobi with love and dignity for humanity. They make special references to challenges and sufferings faced by young girls, women and youths that raises great Global concern and as a result, the ICPD summit was held in Cairo, Egypt in 1994 to address these human rights issues.

They reiterated that young girls and women were suffering from raped, teenage pregnancies, high rate of maternal mortality, high rate of teenage marriages, inequality in education, employment and access to health. They believe all young girls and women have the choice on how they want to live.

The speakers confirmed that there has being 44 percent reductions in these challenges and suffering after the Cairo summit and Nairobi summit is a time of celebration, but feels that more action needs to be done to ensure that we achieved the Zero tolerance.

The speakers called on all state members to take more action after the Nairobi summit so to also achieve the Sustainable Development Goal, SDGs as it also includes the goals in the ICPD plan of action. ‘Let’s not just talk about it, but let’s do it?’, said UNFPA president, Mrs. Kanem. The Denmark crown princess said choice is power and it is important for the world leaders to empower those young girls and women with this power of choice.

UNGA Deputy SG, Mrs. Mohammed called on all state members to invest on Human Rights as the challenges and sufferings faced by young girls and women are human right issues that needs to be dealt with seriously. Denmark minister, Mr. Prehn calls for solidarity amongst leaders and everyone to work together to achieve Zero tolerance on all these challenges and suffering. While Kenyan president calls for access to education and health for the venerable groups so to achieve the ICPD goals.

Highlights during the opening included the renewed mandate from girls from different African countries in their firm voices, calling for access to sexual and reproductive health rights, justice and equality.

Minister Chani who was accompany by Government officers and civil societies delivered the country’s commitments to ICPD on Thursday, 14 November 2019.

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