Vanuatu artists lend their voices to fight cybercrime

Kensly Joses officer at Cert Vanuatu cyber consultant from cert Vanuatu within (OGCIO). Photo Credit: CERT Vanuatu

The Office of Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) is now capitalizing on the popularity of Vanuatu music star Vanessa Quai in the region and globally, as a positive way to raise awareness through her platforms through a new cybersecurity song.

Kensly Joses, officer at Cert Vanuatu cyber consultant from Cert Vanuatu within OGCIO, said last week CERT Vanuatu has launched a new concept to tackle the dissemination of information of cyber, or internet by using music, they have collaborated with other singers of Vanuatu such as Stan and the Earthforce, Jerry Brown ft Shiela Willz and J.Styles.

He said Cert Vanuatu has taken it further by utilizing music to spread critical cybersecurity awareness information to the communities, and business houses in form of songs performed by the well known singers of Vanuatu.

“As a result, three different songs about cybersecurity in Vanuatu have been released last week to support the fight,” he explained.

“We have engaged a lot in different forms of awareness especially towards addressing cybersecurity.

“We try different methods and they were successful, but we realize that we could capture a wider audience, much better and effectively, through music.

“We know people of Vanuatu are very interested in listening to music and we decide to produce awareness in the form of music, engaging our very well known respected artists within the country,” he said.

Mr Joses said they collaborate with the artists to produce this song to address cybersecurity in the country.

He says they targeted online money scam, data breach, online privacy, misinformation in Vanuatu, especially on social media.

The effort is to let people know that things like this happen in Vanuatu and people need to be aware of and take certain measures and precautions when they are online on social media or when accessing internet.

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