Vanuatu and China must develop their tourism links: VTO Chairman

Chairman Avio and group in front of the Convention Centre

Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) Chairman, Robert Avio, said Chinese tourism market is another potential for Vanuatu tourism industry and that the present Government will continue to support and develop strategies and mechanisms to allow more Chinese tourists on Vanuatu shores.

Chairman Avio made the statement when he welcomed the first group of Chinese tourists who came from China through the Vanuatu Tourism Limited (VTL) and the support from Vanuatu's Trade Commissioner in  Guangdong Province.

Chairman Avio said trips to China have been organized many times in the past to allow this project to be fulfilled and more work is still to be done on awareness to allow more visitors from China to Vanuatu.

He has congratulated VTL for organizing this first visit to Vanuatu and added that the Government through VTO will always promote and work closely to build up this new market.

The first tourist group which comprised 26 people visited some of the best tourism spots on Efate and Tanna.

They toured the famous Yasur volcano, dive in the underwater post office and went to see the turtles and fishes at Turtle bay.

The tourists sampled and spent a lot on local delicacies, especially coconut crab, lobster and prawns. They have also tried Vanuatu organic meat and vegetables which are hard to find in China. The group took a stroll and tasted local fresh food from the main market spot in the capital and bought souvenirs back home.

The group have gathered many memorable memories of the country and the hospitality of the Vanuatu people. On their way home, they will promote Vanuatu on radio and TV stations,  as well as social media such as Facebook and WeChat. The news and advertisements will be heard and seen by over 100 million people only in Guangdong Province.

The Trade Commissioner of Vanuatu in Guangdong Province, Dr Ken Wong states this long term arrangement will enable more visitors from China to visit to Vanuatu; the next group is scheduled to come to Vanuatu in October 2018.

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