Vanuatu Agriculture College and ADRA equipping local farmers in beekeeping

Participants observing VAC trainer demonstrates the extraction of honey from a wild hive while using a smoker

Vanuatu Agriculture College (VAC) and the Adventist Relief Agency or ADRA are equipping local farmers in beekeeping for honey production.

In a 5-day workshop facilitated by trainers from VAC and coordinated by ADRA, 13 farmers from Malekula and 1 from Santo were trained in the art of beekeeping and honey production.

Patricia Setak, the VAC trainer explains that after the workshop, each participant should be well versed with the basics of beekeeping and producing honey in their villages.

“The farmers will be given boxes for their hives so they must find a local colony for those boxes.

“After a year, they should start seeing the profits from their honey.

“Apiculture or beekeeping requires less labor unlike any other commercial animals, yet it makes good money for a farmer in a year,” says the VAC trainer.

Meanwhile, reliable sources within ADRA also informed Daily Post that there are plans for the setting up of Honey Cooperatives in the participant’s villages in Malekula after the beekeeping workshop.

“Discussions were made with the Department of Cooperatives for the setting up of group cooperatives and also run business trainings for the participants.

“Participants from Atchin and Pinalum will work together to form a cooperative, Konapoint, Larvat and Vinmavis to form one, and Dickson Reef and Bamboo Bay to form one cooperative,” Daily Post was informed.

Two female participants attended the workshop. One was from Malekula and the other from Santo.

The beekeeping workshop was organized and coordinated in Santo by ADRA under its Livelihoods Empowerment and Family Food Security project.

Apiculture or the management of honeybees is still not an accredited course in VAC however, short courses are being organized for interested groupings while works are underway for the formulation of an accredited module for the near future.

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