Vanessa Quai TC Harold Live Music Appeal on TV Today

Vanuatu Beverage Limited, among many sponsors, supporting

the Live Music Appeal.

The Vanessa Quai and Friends TC Harold Music Appeal will kick off live on Television Blong Vanuatu (TBV) at 11am this morning (Saturday 27 June) to 3pm this afternoon.

“This music appeal aims to raise funds for the many victims of TC Harold in the North whose homes and basic necessities were destroyed following the rampage of the category 5 cyclone in April,” said the Vanuatu based international music star.

“We are appealing to everyone out there to donate and keep up the spirit and faith to help others in need especially when disaster strikes because this is what makes us and Vanuatu resilient.”

The music appeal is presented by the Vanessa Quai Music Association and staged at the national network VBTC in partnership with Kiwanis International, Digicel Vanuatu, Life Changer – Christian Events Vanuatu, Tropik Zound, Kora Foundation, Wilco, Au Bon Marche, Vanuatu Treasures, Vanuatu Water, La Perle Noirse, Reserve Bank of Vanuatu, Island Time, Seaview, Sun Production and Carrie Shopping — Independence Park.

Featured friends and artists include Stan Antas, Sheila Wills, Nobel (Confliction), Tujah and a secret guest star on acapella, whose identity can only be revealed if you are watching the show live on national TV.

Joining Vanessa from the region on video support are her international friends Christafari, Edou (Noumea), Sean Rii (Dezine), Paeva (Solomons), Richard Parker (NZ), Dina (New Caledonia), Chelsea (Solomons), Eagles Winds (Fiji), Elena (Fiji), Justin Wellington (PNG) and Mariani Masani (PNG),

The segment is hosted by Paradise FM98 Host, DJ Saipresz & Co-host and outdoor fun cross overs from Pamela and Arthur Knight at the carpark.

The event will be on VBTC live stream and also Digicel Vanuatu sponsored live stream.

Refreshments are provided for partners, sponsors, artists and special guests.

Tickets are on sale for park view at VT1,500 and account details for donations will be on the VBTC live stream comment section and on Vanessa Quai Facebook page.

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