Unofficial results show new political candidate topping votes in Malekula

Police and locals assisting an elderly person with

disability at Walarano polling station. Photo: Glenda Willie

As of midnight yesterday, unofficial results collected from 19 of the 36 polling stations in the constituency of Malekula revealed some interesting outcomes. 

Three new candidates, including a female candidate made it to the top seven, according to unofficial results.

A new political candidate who contested under the Graon mo Jastis Pati has secured the highest number of votes so far for Malekula Constituency. The unofficial results indicated that Mr. Edmond Julun of Tautu Village has 635 votes altogether.

Former Prime Minister and veteran politician, Sato Kilman of People’s Progressive Party (PPP) was the runner up, according to unofficial results. Kilman secured 592 votes. He was followed by Vanua’aku Pati (VP)’s former Member of Parliament (MP) Kaltaliu Simeon who received 467 votes.

Unofficial results have shown that 411 people in 19 polling stations have voted for former MP, Marcelino Telukluk, a candidate for Reunification of Movement for Change (RMC).

Ms. Diana Meltek Willie, daughter of former Speaker of Parliament, former MP, Esmon Saimon, another candidate who contested for the first time, has 383 votes. Leaders Party of Vanuatu (LPV)’s Menzies Samuel secured 373 votes and the former MP who was removed from Parliament, Gracia Shedrack received a total of 353 votes altogether, according to unofficial results.

At least 258 people voted for the former Minister of Justice, Don Ken. The counting in some of polling stations with over 1,000 registered voters, including Walarano Polling Station where Mr. Ken hailed, were not received by the Police officers and Electoral Officer at the Police Headquarter prior to print.

The figures stated in the article may vary as 17 polling stations are yet to submit their unofficial results.

Malekula has a total of 33, 790 registered voters. At least 38 political candidates contested for the seven seats up for grabs.


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