UMP candidates reaffirm solidarity

The Union of Moderate Parties (UMP) executive and elected candidates, according to the unofficial result, have reconfirmed their solidarity.

From one UMP elected Member of Parliament from the last legislature to five in the country’s 12th legislature, yesterday morning the other four elected candidates reconfirmed their solidarity to the party vice president, Ishmael Kalsakau and his second vice president Saby Natonga, at Mr. Kalsakau’s Farea at Club Hippique.

The National Coordinator of UMP, Georgio Calo said the four new UMP future MPs that will take their oath early next month have reconfirmed their solidarity within the party and among themselves.

“After this ceremony now we are ready to work as one and lobby to form a next government for the 12th legislature”, Calo said.

Among the five UMP candidates, there are three that are lawyers by profession and have a good reputation in the judiciary arena and include prominent former Leader of Opposition at the same time vice president of UMP, Ishmael Kalsakau, Willie Daniel from the Tongoa constituency and Robin Kapapa, from the constituency of Tanna.

The other two elected candidates according to the unofficial are, former councilor of Port Vila, Anthony Iauko and Nako Natuman from Tanna Constituency.

The ceremony of reconfirming their solidarity took place yesterday morning.

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