Two More Bachelors and another Certificate IV in ICT Courses Get National Accreditation

The Bachelor of Education (Primary) and the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) have been accredited by the Vanuatu Qualifications Authority (VQA).

The Bachelor of Education (Primary) and the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) were submitted to the VQA for accreditation in 2018.

In September that year a panel of External Reviewers which made up of regional and national reviewers reviewed the two Bachelors and made the site visit to Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education (VITE). The review panel identified several issues in relation to their accreditation and approval to deliver which VITE has rectified them and the VQA Board in its meeting on Thursday, 5 November 2020, approved their accreditation and their approval to deliver. This means that VITE can now deliver the two Bachelors in 2021.

The granting of the accreditations and approval to deliver of the two Bachelors added to the first Bachelor of Nursing [Conversion] that was accredited in early 2020. And which means that there are now 3 Bachelor Courses that are nationally accredited and their approval to deliver approved.

In addition, the Certificate IV in Information and Communication Technology was submitted by the Pacific Vocational Training Centre for accreditation and approval to deliver. The Certificate IV in ICT is in line with the National ICT policy. The accreditation of Certificate IV in ICT adds to 7 Certificate IV courses already nationally and regionally accredited.

These accreditations and approval to deliver are major milestone for both institutions PVTC and VITE.

These three newly accredited courses are now registered on the national register and VQA is in the process to get them accredited regionally by the Education Quality and Assessment Program [EQAP] under the South Pacific Community (SPC) based in Fiji and to list them in the Pacific Register of Qualifications and Standards (PRQS).

VQA continuously works collaboratively with registered PSET providers to ensure courses developed for accreditation meet international standards, and are in line with national priorities.

VQA Act no.1 of 2014 states that a provider or a person that intends to offer or is offering PSET courses in Vanuatu must apply to VQA for registration and accreditation of these PSET courses.

Among other functions stated in the VQA Act, VQA is mandated to regulate the PSET providers, the courses they deliver, the issuing of qualifications, and to ensure the maintenance of quality standards by all registered providers.

This is to ensure that all PSET providers meet all requirements prior to deliver accredited courses to learners. That way, learners get to graduate with recognized qualifications.

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