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“Tradebase Plumbing Supplies have come in as major sponsors for the West Tanna Water Project of Ialuwalu Village and we wish to thank them for recognising what we have been striving to achieve and agreed to give a generous helping hand”.

The Spokesperson for Kivhan, Alcina Charlie has confirmed the assistance by the private company.

The original initiative of ‘Kivhan Festival’ musicians started in 2015 to raise much needed funds to fund projects for those communities in urgent need of assistance after Cyclone Pam.

That was how Kivhan funded the corrugated iron roofing of a community centre in a village on Emae. A plaque which hangs above the tables in the centre of the building confirms this donation.

The latest beneficiary is a community on West Tanna, which is now enjoying safe drinking water from a 10,000-litre tank and a 6,000 litre tank that was provided by the Kivhan Musicians Charitable Organisation through Rotomould Vanuatu.

The Kivhan Organisation wishes to thank MV Tauraken for providing free transportation of the tanks and materials to Tanna. “The tanks are now supplying water to 3,000 villagers who prior to the arrival of the tank, had no access to clean water”, says Alcina Charlie.

“This again is the musicians’ story from the heart to help a community in great need for water”.

Asked how Kivhan gets to learn of the needs of communities in rural areas, she says Kivhan has a community liaison officer who is linked to the NDMO which connects them to the various liaison officers of various communities that need water or any other project to combat the impact of climate change for example.

Asked if Kivhan musicians are going to Tanna to officially hand over the tank, she says the idea is in the pipeline and thanks to MV Tauraken which has agreed to provide free transport for at least ten musicians to go to Tanna to hand over the tank.

“Thanks also to Rotomould Vanuatu for sponsoring the two tanks for the community which we understand are already filled with precious clean water for the villagers”, she adds.

“We can confirm that MV Tauraken has helped in a tremendous way to transport the tanks free of charge and they have also offered to transport our musicians down to Tanna for the launch next month”.

In fact after the bands’ latest gig at Tradebase where customers shopped, donated Vt40,000 into Kivhan’s basket.

The initiative by Tradebase got the eyes of other business houses with similar interests for Kivhan to also perform during their own sales.

Asked her opinion as to how far musicians in Vanuatu have progressed in their development, Alcina Charlie who has been singing since her primary school days says musicians are moving with time with new sounds and new beats, but that there are still areas for improvement.

Local musicians have progressed in leaps and bounds in their musical talents both in singing as well as in guitar playing. ‘Our musicians and singers are moving with time and we need to continue to do that to move to the next level”, she suggests.

She speaks highly of Kassav, an international band that graced Vanuatu with its performance recently. She hopes Kivhan musicians also attended the concert.

Kivhan Festival wishes to thank Tradebase for all the assistance provided towards Kivhan efforts. “Tradebase enabled ten-eleven, twelve musicians to entertain for a whole day and when clients came to buy from the shop, ten percent of each purchase went into the Kivhan box and Tradebase customers also made donations into the box. We made Vt40,000 on the day towards the launching of the tanks and Vanuatu Wan Vois Kivhan want to thank Tradebase, Rotomould, Port Vila Hardware, MV Tauraken, Parliament Office, all the customers and the general public that have contributed and Home Affairs Minister Andrew Napuat, for paying for the first water tanks to be shipped to Tanna. The network is happening and we are confident to see more and more help from our business houses towards what we are doing for our own communities, to reach out to them from the North to the South”.

Asked what Kivhan musicians comprise of, she replies, “We have a whole range of musicians – one-man band, two to four acoustic bands, full set bands like Stan and the Earth Force, Metoxide, Milidam which are reggae bands that have grown to recognise our vision and say, ‘Look we are going to give our heart to the community and play for free”.

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