Trade shines in yellow

Entire staff of Ministry pose with Minister, Director General and Heads of all Departments and all relevant staff reflect solidarity and unity within

The entire Ministry of Trade, Tourism, Cooperatives, Commerce and Industry will all be in yellow t-shirts as they join the Government to parade through the streets of the National Capital in Port Vila Thursday.

The message on the back of the t-shirt is “Yumi 40” with the Theme: Prosperity for Self Reliance and Resilient future.

Heads of every Department and their respective staff smile with confidence of the distance they have traveled and achieved over the last 40 years as they focus ahead for the next 40

Minister James Bule who has become Minister of Trade for the second time has every reason to pose for a group photograph with his staff saying, “This is history in the making as we mark the country’s 40 years of freedom from colonial rule because our future generations will look at this picture and recognise us their grandparents perhaps, and be proud that we were part of the first 40 years for their country as a sovereign nation.

“The Prime Minister and his Cabinet and every one of us will be proud to be part of this first 40 years because we are making history!”

Asked when he became Minister of Trade for the first time, he replied, “In 1998 after Father Walter Lini formed the National United Party, he appointed me his Minister of Trade.

“I do not know why he appointed me to the Ministerial post because by trade, I was an educationist.

“However during my first term, I was privileged to have learned a lot and now the Prime Minister has appointed me to the same post and I am thankful to him and here I am all set with my highly technical team, I am confident that we will proceed with our vision to take the Ministry forward to the next level”.

Asked what message he has for young people today and tomorrow, the Minister gave an example of Joseph in the Old Testament saying God had appointed him to be sold to Egypt to one day rescue his people to lead them home to the Promised Land.

“Today you young people, do not lose hope but equip yourselves with confidence because you’d be surprised that one day, you’d wake up in the morning and be amazed that God has chosen you for a task you never realise you are capable of carrying out with the skills that you have.”

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