Town Clerk sets way forward for Luganville Municipal Council

Town Clerk Jonathan Iavere

The Town Clerk of Luganville Municipal Council (LMC) has pledged a better way forward in terms of service delivery to meet the targets under the National Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 since he took up office.

Newly appointed Town Clerk, Jonathan Iavere told Daily Post the LMC has a lot of plans set in the past years and has gone a long way to achieve some of them. However, many plans were not realized due to financial constraints.

As such, an immediate “Resurrection Plan” is now in place as his vision that the council will need to work on immediately, once it is endorsed.

The main purpose of the resurrection plan is to provide a platform and timeframe to address the areas needing improvement.

“Some basic matters have been identified as short-term way forward which the council will need to take into immediate consideration to ensure we restructure our service delivery for a vibrant, resilient and responsive public service delivery beyond 40,” Mr Iavere said.

“In terms of Administration, it is the council’s vision to review the organisational structure and carry out employers’ appraisal and recruitment if the need arises.

“This is important because organisational structure is not only on paper but it will be effective in a sense where, when an employer should know their reporting and conduct lines and their salaries must be paid in line with their job descriptions.

“Some job descriptions are too big and the expectation of the council for a particular staff is huge but the staff cannot perform to the expectation, therefore it is necessary to re-visit staff JDs.

“Appraisals will be done based on PSC (Public Service Commission) guidelines and if there is need to recruit based on staff appraisals, then the council will have to take this decision as a way forward.

“The by-laws that will be revisited are mainly finance bye-laws to strengthen the financial ability of the council so that it is able to deliver its required services to its population.”

The council is looking at imposing noise Tax by-law.

“This by-law will mainly apply to big companies that produce long-term noise that disturbs the whole population, for example: the noise caused by planes, electricity company or similar companies in the Central Business District,” Iavere explained.

“Another by-law that will be looked into is the thru-port by-law and fuel transaction by-law which still require a lot of work on.

“These are immediate tasks that need to be done, endorsed and implemented.”

The creation and setting up of municipal ward councils with a yearly approved budget is another short-term plan.

“This is very important because it will be easier for the main council to work with the ward councils ensuring a better service delivery is delivered to the council,” Iavere said.

“The ward council will also revive other functions such as the Luganville chiefs and youth council.”

In the physical planning section, the immediate resurrection plan is to target strengthening of the town planning policies; reviewing and endorsement of the approved jurisdiction of the Luganville Municipal Council including its water system; identifying restricted zone in each ward established; reviewing of the building permit policy requirements and electrification.

In terms of social affairs, the council will be looking at strengthening border control under its jurisdiction.

“Some of the immediate actions that needed to be done on this area is to strengthen and improve branding of the LMC through various means of communication with the use of billboards, particularly for travel information purposes and seafarers as they enter the LMC jurisdictions,” Iavere said.

“Setting up partner committee comprising business houses in Luganville on a voluntarily basis is also one of the main aims of the council to ensure business houses work in collaboration with the LMC.

“The council aims to impose the restrictions to avoid political influence when it comes to acquiring business opportunities, strengthen sports discipline and religious activity, chief activities and strengthening of the task and responsibly between the national general policing and the municipal warden.”

The LMC will also target the improvement of all health facility and increase health services to all wards which means there must be better and qualified nurses in each station and ensuring there is better medication available.

“LMC will also negotiate and deal with pro-medical on special package for local and low-income earners and work closely and cooperate with other stakeholders.”

It is also a short-term goal of the council to identify, communicate and commit to enhance its current resources and liaise with the government through line ministries for possible donor funding of the consecutive beautification project at Unity Park.

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