Tourism operators in TORBA Province are back in full operation after the devastation left by Tropical Cyclone Oma in the northern province.

This was confirmed by TORBA Tourism Officer, Olivet Dorony.

“In Motalava, only the Rah Paradise Bungalow was damaged during the storm surge,” she told Daily Post.

“Its bungalows and restaurant were flooded, persuading the owners to fully construct and do renovations.”

She the operations are fully restored and since last week, the owners — Rachel Innet and Dini — have welcomed their first guests after TC Oma.

Ms Dorony said the owners have given financial assistance to the Rah community help fast-track the reconstruction and renovation of the damaged bungalows and restaurant.

With the assistance and response by the community, the work has allowed the business operations to resume operations and did not affect the bookings which have already been already scheduled.

She mentioned the local tourism owners did not wait for help but acted in in a timely manner. She said the Rah community have seen and know the benefit of Tourism so they have provided assistance and support through the assistance provided by the owners of Rah Paradise Bungalow.

Ms Dorony said that coastal landscape of the islands has changed after cyclone Oma, especially on Rah Island which also produces spectacular views for both locals and tourists.

In regards to the province’s Tourism Plan of 2019, the TORBA tourism officer said that 2019 plans were supposed to be finalized last week.

However due to TC Oma in the country, flight bookings to Port Vila for meetings were delayed. She confirmed the meeting will take place later this week.

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