Tourism Ambassadors Ready to Show the Way

The 30th of January celebrated another graduation of the Vanuatu Tourism Ambassador Program at the Hospitality Tourism and Leisure Training Center (HTLTC) Hall.

The stakeholders involved in this Program are: Department of Tourism, Public Land Transport Authority, Shefa Port Vila Land Transport Association, New Zealand Aid being the main funding donor for this Capacity Building for the transport service providers and VIT as the training provider for the program

The graduation of the Ambassadors involved the Tourism and Transport industries with the objective to upskill the drivers to be more safe, friendly and knowledgeable about Vanuatu and that will improve tourist’s experiences and increase visitor’s service satisfaction.

According to Nadia Kanegai-Didou (Coordinator of the Program), the drivers have improved from the 2 week training they attended. The drivers are excited about being certified as recognized Tourism Ambassadors.

The Director of Tourism, Mr. Jerry Spooner in his opening remarks encouraged the drivers to take the next step and practice what they have leant.

He reiterated in his speech that there would not be any more trainings delivered until the training module is reviewed and revised to ensure context fitting, highlighting key issues that needs to be addressed.

Also, he confirmed that the main focus now is to recruit a team to look at putting together an enforcement plan to address issues of non-compliance which should give value to those that have invested in undertaking the training.

Mr. Reginald Tabi, the Chief Executive Officer of the Public Land Transport Association said it is important to put into practice what they have learnt to curuiseships and airlines visitors.

The Shefa Transport Association President, Donald Massing thanked all the stakeholders for hearing the voice of the Association. He further thanked the New Zealand Government for the financial support towards the program, Vanuatu Government for the assistance through the Department of Tourism and the Public Land Transport Authority for the Ambassador Training Program and the association members for committing themselves to helping improve the tourism industry and the economy.

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