Tertiary education must be upgraded to meet labour mobility requirements: Director

With the newly established National University of Vanuatu (NUV) and Mr Jean Pierre Nirua appointed as its vice chancellor, Director of Tertiary Education Anne-Rose Tjiobang told Buzz 96.3 FM, that in the coming years several well established tertiary institutes across the nation will be upgraded to level four and above in the certificates or qualifications which they offer.

She says this is not only to upgrade their qualifications and eventually bring them under either of the two faculties of science and humanities but also to contribute to the governments national human resource development plan.

With that being said Mrs. Tjiobang added that the human resource development is not only to up skill or educate Ni Vanuatu to work in Vanuatu but also to equip them and make them more marketable for certain jobs which may come up in the Pacific Labor Scheme [PLS] which Australia has with certain Pacific Island nations including Vanuatu.

Director Tjiobang says when we talk about labour migration we should not only think about semi-skilled workers which we are currently planning to send but we should also look further in grooming potential workers for this scheme to be skilled so they can move up to the bigger jobs.

By skilled work Mrs. Tjiobang says we are looking at qualifications which are Certificate IV or Diploma as she says once they potential Ni Vanuatu workers have qualifications at this level, they should be then able to get jobs in Australia as they will be more employable and their qualifications will be at the standards that Australia needs.

She explains that at the moment most of our vocational institutes only teach level one or two which she says is only rated as semi-skilled qualifications. The process she explains is for rural training centers in the islands to become strengthened to offer certificate level one and two courses which must be accredited to the Vanuatu Qualification Authority, so from there students can move on to the bigger institutions such as the Vanuatu Institute of Technology which she says will be developed to offer Certificate 4 and even diploma level courses.

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