Telecom Vanuatu takes steps to ensure safety of employees and customers and maintaining telecommunication services

During this sanitary crisis, telecommunication and connectivity is vital for our valued customers.

Families would like to be constantly in touch with loved ones, Businesses need ICT to ensure business continuity and above all government agencies need telecommunication to coordinate response for prevention as well as preparedness.

TVL CEO Barlen Lutchmoodoo has told Daily Post this afternoon that TVL is ready for any scenarios with their Business Continuity Plan and have a dedicated team to ensure no disruption in their services.

“TVL's highest priority now is the health and welfare of our employees, their families, our customers and their families.

"As an organization, we are taking all reasonable precautions to ensure that this virus and infection do not spread at TVL between employees or from employees to customers and the public.

"We are taking all the advisory notes from the task force very seriously and ensure that every one of us abide with it.

"Awareness is conducted on prevention especially on personal hygiene and social distancing which are very crucial to prevent spread of the virus.

"As from this week, we will reinforce some measures in our shops that will limit number of people at a given time."

Beside the sanitary crisis, there will be a severe impact on the businesses in Vanuatu, added Mr Lutchmoodoo and "we need to prepare for difficult times ahead.

"As an ICT provider, we fully understand that communication is critical for the business. Telecom Vanuatu will put some measures in place that will provide some relief to our valued customers in general."

Some of the measures that Mr Lutchmoodoo mentioned are:

- New Teleworking or Home working solutions with up to 50% discount. This will ensure that all sectors of the economy can still operate remotely

- Special offer for students who will be studying from home

- Increased data volumes on all existing mobile Postpaid packages

- Increased bandwidth for business in essential services like utilities, banks and government agencies at minimal cost

- Reconnection fee will be waived

- Uninterrupted services to Government and NGOs

- Promotional offer

- Free bundle voice, sms and data valid for 30 days for mobile prepaid customers to ensure that they are able to communicate with their families and also in case of emergencies

- TVL M-VATU solution where customer can buy credit, bill payment and send money from their mobile phones. We offer 50% discount on all transfer fees

- TVL Call center will be operating 24/7 to meet all customer queries and needs. Call us on 081111

Depending on the evolution of the situation and in the event of state of emergency, TVL will announce other measures to ensure that customers are able to communicate with each other.

Mr Lutchmoodoo also added that for Government agencies and schools, Universities, we could Zero rate some sites to allow access to information and education plan. Moreover, some home plan will be heavily subsidized rate for E-learning.

To conclude TVL CEO would like to commend the Task Force and the National Disaster Management Office on the difficult job they have been doing with all the prevention measures.

During calamities, Vanuatu has proven that when we stand together, we have overcome very difficult situations many times.

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