Telecom Vanuatu Limited Delivering Excellent Customer Service Training

Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce and Industries (VCCI) through its Business Services (BS) Unit have just completed a competency based Delivering Excellent Customer Services Training to the Telecom Vanuatu Limited targeting operational officers within Call Centre Unit under the Commercial Department.

A total of fourteen (14) participants attended a 4 day intensive training which was delivered over a period of three (3) weeks to three (3) groups from 25 March to 12 April 2019, held at the Telecom Vanuatu Limited Training Room. The training focused on incorporating interactive discussions between participants on relevant topics and challenges facing the current Telecom Vanuatu Limited operations staff, and aligning solutions to these challenges back to the Telecom Vanuatu Limited’s operational plans and manuals to achieve organizational goals.

Feedback from participants was collected at the end of the training. For example:

‘What I like most about the training is the training points out my weaknesses or limitation that I need to practice every day for a professional performance. The training also emphasis how to be a good and professional customer care agent even though I already have some skills’

‘I personally like the whole training, knowing the importance of call centre department, knowing that loving what you do will change the whole thing about yourself. Knowing that TVL customers are my BOSS and I need to serve them successfully’

‘The thing I like about this training is the content was organized and easy to follow, also the trainers speech was clear enough to understand. Another thing is everything I learned during this training were relevant to me’

All participants who completed their training were awarded a Statement of Completion certificate, and a sense of great achievement.

Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce is always available to help support business houses in terms of up skilling in all areas. Please feel free to contact Reception on +678 27543 / 7123967

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