Tanna chief dismisses arrest allegations

Chief Numanian Glaes Yawen

A Chief from Tanna has refuted reports claiming that he was arrested and charged, published in the Daily Post Issue 5790.

Chief Numanian Glaes Yawen said the article is misleading because he was never arrested or charged as stated.

According to the Tannese chief, the land in question was his land and that was confirmed and declared through an appeal court decision.

He said if police were to arrest him, a warrant of arrest would have been issued, but that never happened.

“The other party were the ones who trespassed into my property. I am the custom landowner of the land concerned and I have the title to that particular land,” the chief said.

Mr Yawen added that he was not damaging the property like the second party claimed in the article, but, he was cutting trees and clearing the area in that particular land to allow development to take place.

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