Students discover buried ammunition at Sainte Jeanne d’Arc Primary School

Buried drum containing ammunition discovered at Ecole St Jeanne d’Arc

Sainte Jeanne d’Arc Primary School students have found a drum of ammunition buried on the school premises.

This has been confirmed by Sainte Jeanne d’Arc’s Deputy Principal, Vincent Kapalu.

Mr Kapalu told Daily Post the students made the discovery on Friday last week and alerted their teacher, who later informed the school administration.

He said the primary students were gardening that afternoon when they found some pieces of iron. Upon digging further, they discovered sand.

”They started to play with the sand and dig deeper,” he said. “They discovered a drum buried under the sand and out of curiosity they looked into the drum. That was when they saw the bullets.”

After being informed about the situation the school administration took a bullet that was approximately 15 centimeters long and notified the police.

”The police then alerted the Vanuatu Mobile Force who later secured the areas for further inspection this week,” he said.

A close source in the Vanuatu Police Force relayed to Daily Post that they are waiting for foreign specialists to assist with the operation.

”An order has been made to VMF for the removal of the drums filled with bullets,” the source said. “We are waiting for foreign specialists to come and assist the local specialists with the removal of the ammunition.”

The operation will be carried out before the end of this week. It is believed the bullets are from the World War 2 era and confirms that there is more than one drum buried.

Meanwhile the Deputy Principal of St. Jeanne d’Arc has dismissed reports on social media claiming that the students discovered a buried skeleton in uniform with rifles on the school premises.

He assured parents that everything is under control and the school administration is monitoring the quarantine areas for the safety of the students.

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