Stop Trespassing: Lelepa Chief

Paramount chief of Lelepa Island, Chief Reuben Natamatewia III. Photo: Supplied

The paramount chief of Lelepa Island, Chief Reuben Natamatewia III, is making a call to members of the public who are accessing the land and resources in the areas from Tuktuk to as far as Samoa Point, and Lelepa Island, to respect the resources which belong to the people of Lelepa Island.

Chief Natamatewia III said they are aware that members of the public are taking resources from the land and sea without the permission of Lelepa Islanders.

He said the practice has been ongoing and being the high chief of the island, he is declaring that the Lelepa Council of Chiefs will taking actions to stop people trespassing into these areas under his jurisdiction.

“We are in the process to protect our land and resources,” Natamatewia III stressed.

People from around Efate must consider the fact that there are custom landowners to these lands and should respect this. The chief reiterated that his council want to ensure the resources on land and sea are protected for their future generations.

He further noted that it is sad to see that people fail to respect Hat Island which has been declared a World Heritage Site.

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