Stop stealing our cattle: Livestock Department

A call has been made to communities living around the national Livestock cattle farm at Tagabe not to steal cattle at the farm.

Livestock Director, Lonny Bong has expressed his disappointment at the ongoing theft that is hindering the livestock sector development from moving forward.

He said the killing of the cattle was done brutally and inhumanely.

He says this farm provides opportunities for farmers and school children to understand what the Livestock Department is doing in services to farmers and the cattle restocking programme.

“Last week we had another dairy breeding cow was brutally slaughtered.

“It’s putting as 10 steps backwards because these breeding stock are here for a purpose.

“They are for providing fresh milk to the consumers around Port Vila.

“We have our specific customer to purchase fresh milk to manufacture cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products.

“Farmers are also shown that they can use dairy milk to produce income generating opportunities.

“It’s very disappointing to see that this continues to happen at the farm,” Mr Bong said. He says so far six animals have already been slaughtered this year at the farm.

The slaughtered cow has been at the farm for six years and it produces eight litres of milk a day. He appeals to chiefs around Switi area, Freshwota, Ohlen, Destination, Tagabe, Blacksand and Bladinere and other areas to come forward with information that could lead to the arrest of the culprits by police.

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