Stimulus package for transport owners

PLTA CEO Reginald Tabi

Public land transport owners are entitled to a monthly payout of Vt15,000 under the second roll-out of the Government’s stimulus package

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Public Land Transport Authority (PLTA), Reginald Tabi, says public land transports fall under the Small Business Grant and they are entitled to a payout of Vt15,000 monthly, for a period of eight months.

Businesses that qualify to apply under the Small Business must have a valid business licence issued by the Department of Customs and Inland Revenue or provincial government between January 1, 2020 and April 30, 2021.

These businesses do not make a turnover of less than Vt4 million in a year.

Forms are available at the main office in Port Vila as well as in all the six provincial headquarters. Owners are reminded to collect the forms and ensure to attach all relevant important documents, including the valid business licence and a valid bank account.

Mr. Tabi mentioned that from their experience in the first phase of the stimulus package, some who have applied have inactive bank accounts which resulted in grants not being deposited.

He said if transport owners do not have a valid bank account, especially for those in the islands, they could ask their relatives to assist and provide them with an active bank account.

They are required to provide a card which will be issued by the Banks, confirming the bank details.

Vanuatu’s Department of Finance will be accepting applications from July 19 to September 30, 2021, while payments will be made from July to December.

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