Vanuatu has lost one of its members of parliament, Efate Rural Constituency MP, Jerry Kanas. 

Daily Post was informed the late Kanas collapsed at his home and was rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon.

Acting Medical Superintendent at the Vila Central Hospital (VCH), Dr. Trevor Cullwick confirmed "there is a high possibility the late Kanas died of a heart attack".

According to Dr. Cullwick, he died prior to reaching the hospital. Upon reaching the VCH Emergency, the staff on duty tried to resuscitate him, but it was too late. 

He was pronounced dead at around 3pm at the VCH.

The late Kanas was into his first term as a MP in the 11th Legislature until his passing. 

He contested the 2016 General Election under an independent ticket and in 2017, he declared his political affiliation with the Leaders Party of Vanuatu (LPV).

In December 2016, the late MP was appointed Third Deputy Speaker and he occupied the position until November 2018. At one stage in 2017, the late MP Kanas was Acting Head of State.

The late Kanas was a man of action and was known by the slogan, "MP blong ol smol smol man".

Since his election into Parliament, the late MP helped his people in the Efate Rural constituency.

LPV President and Deputy Prime Minister Jotham Napat has conveyed the party’s condolences last night, “As LPV President, i wish to express our deep sorrow, on behalf of the LPV to families, friends and supporters of the late MP Jerry Kanas, MP for Efate Rural and a LPV MP,” he stated.

“The late Kanas passed away in Port Vila on the afternoon of June 24, 2019. As LPV President, I give the utmost honour and respect to the late MP Kanas for his work as a leader in his community and his supporters on Efate. It is true ‘Yu wan MP blong ol smol smol man’. Thank you for the simplicity you displayed during your term as a MP. 

“I am conveying our condolences on behalf of the LPV and its executive, Ministers, MPs, councillors and officials to the late MP Kanas’ family, extended families, friends and supporters. 

“May he rest in peace and may God comfort us during this sad time.”

Words of condolences for the late MP flooded social media yesterday afternoon. The Graon mo Jastis Pati (GJP), National United Party as well as individual MPs also joined the general public to express their heartfelt sympathy to the families and friends of the late MP Kanas.

The Government has organized a State Funeral in honour of the late MP.

The official program of the lying in state of late MP Kanas starts this morning.

The departure from the VCH Mortuary to the Parliament House, escorted by police is scheduled for 8.30am.

The Speaker of Parliament will receive his body at the entrance of the Parliament House and escort him to the Pig’s Tusk Crest. 

According to the protocol order of ceremony, Head of State, Pastor Obed Tallis and staff of the State House will be the first to pay their respects.

The Head of State will be followed by Acting Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade and at the same time Acting Minister for Agriculture, Jotham Napat. 

Next is the Speaker of Parliament; followed by Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek; Minister for Foreign Affairs; Minister for Finance; Minister for Internal Affairs; Minister for Education; Minister for Health; Minister for Justice; Minister for Climate Change; Minister for Sports; Minister for Lands and Leader of Opposition. 

The Chairman and Chiefs of the Vaturisu Council of Chiefs will pay their respects at 9.55am; followed by the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps - Australian High Commissioner; New Zealand High Commissioner; China’s Ambassador to Vanuatu; France’s Charge d’Affaires; Japan’s Ambassador to Vanuatu; MPs; Attorney General; Director General and Staff of the MSG Secretariat; UN Agencies/Other International Organisations; Members of the Consular Corps; Chairman of the Vanuatu Christian Council and President of the Malvatumauri. 

The Malvatumauri President will be followed by the Acting Commissioner of Police and Commander VMF; Former Presidents and Prime Ministers of Vanuatu; President of SHEFA Province and Councillors; Lord Mayor and Councillors; CEO and National Council of Women; President of the Vanuatu National Youth Council and members of the public at 11.35am, before the Speaker hands over to the family at the Parliament House. 

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