Speaker Blames State Law

Speaker Esmon Saimon says the State Law Office is obliged to ensure everything is in order before parliament debates a bill.

Speaker of Parliament, Esmon Saimon, has blamed the State Law Office (SLO) for advices which he alleged has resulted in court proceedings.

“My case with the President Obed Moses Tallis is now over, but before parliament met in that special sitting that amendment bill was drafted by the SLO,” Speaker Saimon said in his official address to the people of Mahe village on Malekula during his official constitutional visit this week.

“In the end the court ruled that a referendum is required. It is the SLO’s duty to make sure everything is in line with the Constitution before parliament debates any bill.

“I was summoned to the court of law three times during my career as Speaker of Parliament in different legislatures by the President of the Republic of Vanuatu.

“Every bill passed or to be tabled in parliament was drafted by the SLO and when there is any issue to do with parliament, the SLO must consult with this high office.”

The Speaker said when a case is filed against him, the SLO represents the Government as first respondent.

“All this time i never stood in court to be questioned, the SLO defended the case on my behalf and it is their role to defend the bill; they themselves wrote the bills,” he added.

He did not talk about the PS case filed by the Leader of Opposition, Ishmael Kalsakau, on his visit, saying he can’t talk about the issue because it is still pending in court.

Daily Post understands that the State Law Office drafts bills on instructions from the Government.

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