South Efate Presbytery Conference begins

The South Efate Presbytery conference commenced yesterday October 17th to October 21st.

In an interview with the Buzz 96FM, Pastor Nippy Ayong, who is the clerk of the SEPC said that the conference will discuss many issues affecting the church and it is an annual event.

“We have invited different people from various departments in Vila to come and talk about special many matters that is affecting churches in Vanuatu,” he said.

“The meeting is to gather all congregations in Vila, and it is where Pastors, deacons, women’s groups come around with various agendas and anything to do with the church growth which they will then report to the meeting and we can work solutions to these problems.”

Ps Ayong said that most of these problems that were affecting the church growth was social problems to do with Kava, alcohol, drugs and teenage pregnancy that is affecting the younger congregation of the church.

“There will 150 to 200 participants that will be attending the conference that will be made up of youths, pastors and elderly people, some chiefs. from the villages around Vila and some leaders in government departments that are part of the SEP (Presbyterian church),” he said.

“Efate used to be just one Presbytery, but last year we divided into two presbyteries and this is the first time the SEP is organising the conference and its going to be a historical landmark for South Efate and it will be held at Malasitapu Presbyterian church.”

Ps Ayong said that everyone is well prepared for the event and looking forward and since it is just before Christmas so it is going to be a happy occasion for everyone who will fellowshipping during that time.

According to a draft outline of the one week conference, there will a management meeting to discuss church matters in the morning and different topics that will be discussed by people from other sectors during mid morning and in the afternoon.

“People living around in villages nearby Vila are encouraged to come and participate in this week long conference,” said Ps Ayong.

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