Solomon Islands PM reveals why his country supports Australia

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says his country’s support for Australia is all about respecting the sovereignty and security interest of Australia, this is important for the security of the region.

The PM says all Pacific islands spoke based on their strategic interest however; for Solomon Islands, Australia remains a good friend.

“This is about family and that’s the beauty of this thing.

“We go down in the year 2000 and it’s the Australian taxpayers that came with AUS $21 billion to rescue us people that we alone created this problem,” Mr. Sogavare told ABC Tok Pisin.

Mr. Sogavare revealed that his country is the third recipient of Australian aid in the world behind PNG and Indonesia and undermining Australia’s economy and national interest is undermining the security of the region.

Australia stands opposition to all Pacific Island countries during the Pacific Island Forum leaders meeting in Tuvalu when Pacific leaders were hoping for a climate consensus with Australia.

“We eventually came up with an outcome which is just beautiful. And I think the way we agreed amongst ourselves leaders is that we need to respect the sovereign rights of everyone the national strategic interest of all the countries.”

Mr. Sogavare on the other hand was doubtful and concerned on the activities happening in his country could also reflect the opposite of fighting for climate change.

“The Australian Prime Minister came out appealing to all of us that he never undermines our national securities when it comes to this issue.

“Solomon Islands for example we are properly one of the biggest emitters with our logging and even not addressing plastics we pollute the ocean,” he said.

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