Lead Capacity Building Adviser Rene Archer (front left second last) poses with workers

Focus on seasonal work in Australia has reached a new high with the number of agents for the Seasonal Work Programme rising to over 90.

The agent increase comes after the Minister of Internal Affairs and Labour, Andrew Napuat removed the former provision for all applicants to include a letter from the employer in Australia to confirm he or she needed workers.

In the latest development. Lead Capacity Building Adviser, Renee Archer, for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Pacific Labour Mobility Assistance Programme (LMAP), was caught in the act last Friday doing her two day briefing to a mixture of current workers as well as new ones before departure.

It is clear the fever is on as seen on the faces of both young men and women as they listened with eagerness to the adviser.

Now it is standard seasonal work policy for all ni Vanuatu workers to be well groomed, physically and mentally fit and alcohol and smoke free.

It is compulsory to respect the law of the land while living and working in Australia.

The Department of Labour encourages all workers to earn as much money as possible and come home at the end of their contract to help their children get a better education and raise the standard of living for their families by way of building a modern home or starting a new business.

As more new applicants are applying to become agents for either SWP or RSE in New Zealand, the Department of Labour reminds all new agents not to ask for any money when they go to apply to work under the seasonal work programme.

“If we learn that work applicants have been charged a fee to enroll, we will definitely suspend the agent and advise him to return all cash collected to the rightful people. If he does not comply with a specific period of time, his agent certificate will be cancelled”, says Labour.

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