School waits for subsidy, charges fees

As the government lays out plans for the stimulus package for schools around the country, a lot of schools have submitted their requests.

Priscilla Pakoa, Principal of Malasitabu Presbyterian school at Fresh Wota in Port Vila, says her school has already submitted their receipts and applied for the ancillary staff payment and for the refund of the home study packages which they prepared for their students to use while all schools were closed.

Unfortunately, Principal Pakoa says they have not received any stimulus package at all from the government.

She says with no stimulus package, this has caused the school to face some financial difficulties, therefore there was a general meeting for the parents and all parents were asked to pay fees for their children.

Mrs Pakoa says a lot of the parents have already paid for their kids school fees.

She says most of the fees collected were the beginning of term 1 up until week 4.

She says the school had some savings which enabled them to operate on, however from the beginning of term 2 they did not receive any package from the government, hence the reason to ask parents to pay the fees.

Mrs Pakoa says the Ministry of Education may not be happy with the school for charging fees, however the parents of the kids are happy to pay as they see the importance of their children’s education.

The Principal says parents will continue to pay fees until the package comes from the government.

She says should the package eventually arrive, all fees paid by the parents will be credited to their kids’ school fees for next year.

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