Santo bush

The two religious groups were welcomed into the Village compound last week. 

Last week Vatmasana Village, a remote settlement on the island of Santo was very fortunate to have been provided free trainings on medical and educational services by two Christian organizations

from New Zealand and Australia, namely Marine Reach New Zealand (NZ) and Island Breeze Sydney, Australia.

The team travelled on foot for two hours through bush tracks, across rivers, and over mountains to reach Vatmasana Settlement where they spent one-and-half week to provide medical service and basic education trainings to the villagers.

The education training was provided by the Island Breeze Sydney, Australia to the children and mission teachers on targeted literacy areas to help increase the literacy rate.

The NZ Marine Reach team provided medical service and basic personal hygiene for the children and community members.

Selvin Lucy Sokorai a longtime mission worker says the team had also helped to clear bush for new road so that materials for a new school building could be transported to the village next year.

She said the team had an awesome experience in the village over the one-and-a-half week there to get dressed in traditional costumes.

Mrs. Sokorai says the team was so impressed with how the people preserved their custom and surprisingly some of the customs retained so far align perfectly well with biblical teachings.

She said the sad thing is the village lacks the essential government services like roads, health facility and qualified government teachers.

According to Mrs. Sokorai the village chief has seen the importance of education and he has confirmed that he will send one child from each tribe to Luganville next year to attend school.

The plan of the village is to train people of the area to return to the village and develop their place because many Mission workers who were posted to the area were not able to complete their terms due to the difficulties they faced with various issues.

The two organizations have plans to come back in the near future as many more villages inland and to the West Coast of Santo are crying for essential government services like health and education.

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