SANMA Sustainable Tourism Plan Presented

Tourism industry stakeholders gathered again yesterday at the Women’s Centre in Luganville to hear a presentation about the future vision for tourism in SANMA Province.

Participants heard how the SANMA Tourism Plan seeks to protect, regenerate and champion its environmental assets as a key draw card for tourism growth through sustainable and responsible co-investment, planning and management over the next 10 years.

Participants expressed their views about the key priorities for the province, having heard the seven targets, key focus areas, actions and 28 recommendations from the SANMA Tourism Plan.

The need for a cross-government approach including linkages with agriculture and planning, ongoing communications, waste management, data, preserving environmental and culturally sensitive areas, and finance and investment schemes were also discussed.

After the presentation a second focus group meeting was held with several Provincial Government Area Council representatives, who are key stakeholders in understanding and delivering sustainable tourism planning within rural areas.

The draft plan was able to be presented, thanks to the involvement of many stakeholders across multiple government, industry and community groups over the past six months.

Department of Tourism Director, Mr Jerry Spooner, said he was pleased to see the strong attendance and hear the discussions at this fifth workshop.

“We are closer to bringing together this roadmap for tourism in SANMA Province, and along with our public and private sector partners we want to ensure the momentum continues through ongoing dialogue.

“We will now finalise the plan with the intention to pilot priority projects with our partners over the coming year,” Mr Spooner said.

The SANMA Tourism Plan has been guided by the principles of the National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP 2016-2030, People’s Plan) and the sector policy the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Policy 2018-2030.

Stakeholders who feel they have further contributions to make, are asked to contact the SANMA Tourism Plan Project Lead, Mrs Norah Rihai at

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