SANMA Provincial Campaigns in Progress

Minister of Lands, Alfred Maoh (sitting front third from right) with GJP candidates after the briefing at Sanma Province headquarter

Political parties in Malo/Aore and Santo constituencies are now getting busy with their campaigns, which kicked off recently after the Electoral Commission announced the candidate names.

SANMA Provincial political campaigns have commenced last month and will run through to January 13, 2020, three days before the polling day on January 16, 2020.

Daily Post understands that different political parties have their logistics in place for campaign, and Santo Constituency is now busy from north to south with that activity.

Santo constituency has 95 candidates that will be contesting for 15 seats while Malo/Aore have seven candidates vying for three seats.

Elected members of parliament for Santo Constituency are now on Santo to assist with political campaign of their respective affiliated candidate.

Few months away from the polling day, the outcome of this SANMA Provincial Election will determine the result of the national election scheduled on March.

Daily Post understands that the Minister of Lands, Geology and Mines and MP for the Santo Constituency, Alfred Maoh, is now on Santo giving support to his political campaign team. The Finance Minister, Antoine Pikioune, is also on Santo to take part in the campaigns.

Campaign Coordinator for the Graon mo Jastis Party (GJP), Ian Kalsuak told Daily Post yesterday that the party has a good logistic plan for the campaign.

“GJP have 7 campaign teams for Santo constituency itself placed in strategic areas; West Coast, Big Bay, Canal Fanafo, South East Santo, East Coast Santo, South Santo area 2 and South Santo Area 1,” Kalsuak said.

GJP has fielded 9 candidates. Seven for Santo Constituency and 2 for Malo Aore Constituency.

A total of 103 candidates will be contesting in the election for 18 seats as announced by the Electoral Commission.

The Electoral Commission and the Electoral Office are busy preparing for the SANMA provincial elections as the national election is less than three months away from this provincial government council’s election.

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