Safe drinking water for inmates

Inmates at the Low Risk Detention Center in Port Vila now have access to safe drinking water, thanks to ADRA

Inmates and prison officers at the Low Risk Detention Center in Port Vila now have a new rain water catchment to drink water from, after many years of depending on old and broken water pipes.

Access to healthy water is a challenge at the Low Risk Detention Center, said the Acting Director General (DG) of the Ministry of Justice and Director of the Vanuatu Correctional Service, Johnny Marango.

“The water pipes are falling apart because the prison house is also deteriorating. It was a continuous struggle to repair the pipes”, he stressed.

The new water system was constructed by the inmates as apart of their rehabilitation program facilitated by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA).

They went through training for five months to prepare themselves to meet family obstacles when they return home.

They have been told of what circumstances they are expecting once they are released from jail and how they should rebuild their profile before they start participating in community activities.

These inmates have spend a lot of years in jail but such rehabilitation programs will help them to get back on their feet, said Director Marango.

The topics each month aim to simplify the concepts of a health family and helping participants to understand their roles and responsibility in family.

Participants learn basic life skills, for example is how to build a rain water harvest system using concrete.

Fred Kalkaua, an Engineer in construction was applauded for dedicating his time and knowledge to train the inmates voluntarily.

The inmates thanked the Vanuatu Correctional Department for accepting ADRA to conduct the rehabilitation program, which has equipped them with essential skills to utilize once they return home to their families.

Director Marango commended ADRA for successfully implementing the program.

The water tank will be managed by the Prison Water Committee.

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