Retreat to discuss and draft 2020 agriculture business plan

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) will be formulating its 2020 business plan at a retreat that starts on Monday next week.

Principal Policy and Planning Officer, Mark Vurobaravu, says this business plan must align with the different goals of the government.

Effectively this plan will put into operation the policy goals of the agriculture sector with the National Sustainable Development Plan.

“We are bringing together our senior officials for a one-week programme to put together our work programme and utilize our resources to draw up a plan for implementation next year.

“We will bring in some important presenters to give direction so that the plan that we come up with is realistic and achievable through activities that we will be implementing,” Vurobaravu said.

On the first day, which is Monday next week, of the retreat are presentations there will be presentations to set the scene for senior officials.

There will be a presentation on the National Sustainable Development Plan by the Department of Strategic Policy Planning and Aid Coordination.

There will also be a presentation on the overarching productive sector policy and the renewed version of the policy.

A presentation will be made by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity on the new corporate plan.

There will also be a budget session for provincial managers as well as technical officials in the department.

A brief presentation will be made on proposed projects as well as a presentation by projects funded by donor partners on their activities for next year.

One of such support projects is the EDF11 funded by the European Union.

The second day will see discussion on the gender action plan in the agriculture sector.

Discussions will also focus on legislations such as the Agriculture Act and the Vanuatu Primary Producers Act.

The third day sees discussions around monitoring and evaluation on the sectoral policy.

Thursday is dedicated for provincial officers to present their plans.

Mr Vurobaravu says, provincial officers have priorities so it is important to hear how they are aligning their programmes with the provincial governments.

These provincial plans will be incorporate into the business plan of the department.

The presentation of the full draft of the 2020 DARD Business Plan will take place on Friday.

Other discussions on Friday include Reintegration Framework for seasonal workers.

The agriculture sector wants seasonal workers to invest back into agriculture and put into practice some of the skills they obtained overseas.

The launch of the Cacao Strategy 2020 to 2025 by Minister of Agriculture will end the retreat.

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