The Residency Permit fees for non-citizens that are residing in Vanuatu has been reinstated.

This decision was approved by the Council of Ministers (CoM) based on a CoM paper that was put forward by the Department of Vanuatu Immigration Services (VIS).

Director of Immigration Department, Jeffery Markson said the decision became effective as of November 1.

CoM agreed for the fees to be reinstated for the last three months of 2020, but the decision was received late by the department.

The Residency visa fees was waived this year following the impact of COVID-19 based on the CoM decision No. 16 of 2020.

The CoM's April decision only applied to a certain category of residency visas which included; foreign investors, self-funded, land owners, accompany partners, employees and dependents under 18 of the foreigners with residency visas.

Director Markson explained that the individuals that would pay their fees within the last two months of 2020, would be having a valid permit commencing from the date until the end of 2021.

Residency permits are renewed annually. The Residency visa fee is Vt57,600.

According to the CoM decision No. 167, the director of Immigration is authorised to waive the residency permit fees for any particular residency permit holder, should there be a need to, following assessments undertaken by the department.

Reinstatement of this particular visa fee will contribute towards the government revenue.

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