Rehabilitation Program Helps Detainees Open Savings Accounts

Acting-Director of the Department of Vanuatu Correctional Services, Jask Carlo.

Detainees under the Rehabilitation Program are encouraged to open a Savings Account from sales gained by selling their arts and crafts in the local market.

Acting Director of the Department of Vanuatu Correctional Services, Jask Carlo said the Rehabilitation program is generally offered to inmates in both Port Vila and Luganville who are incarcerated in prison.

“The Rehabilitation program helps convicted detainees to develop life skills, provides counselling/support and helps to reinforce good habits,” he said

International research has demonstrated that offering targeted and effective rehabilitation services to offenders is an effective way to decrease an offender’s likelihood of reoffending.

“Inmates in the program also help in community works and municipal clean-up at the streets.”

The key goal of rehabilitation is to reduce reoffending. A reduction in reoffending will mean less victims of crime and less social and economic cost to the community.

Successful rehabilitation leads to safer communities.

“Within the program, detainees (both women and men) are encouraged to use their talents in building furniture such as bunk beds, tables and storage crates, as well as painting, crafting and sewing clothes to earn enough money which will be deposited in their savings account.

“This will help prisoners on parole to have a fresh start with money in their bank accounts.”

Mr Carlo said their products can be purchased on the Department of Correctional Service website and is open to receiving any orders.

“At the end of last year, with the support of the New Zealand High Commission, detainees were able to showcase their products during an Open Day program at Seafront.

“This year, we look forward and hope to organize another Open Day event.”

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