300 Register at National University of Vanuatu

Photo: Ministry of Education and Training

Over 300 students have registered at the National University of Vanuatu in 2020.

These students may be among the first graduates of the National University.

For years, the National University of Vanuatu has always been a dream that Vanuatu has been working towards to ensure higher quality education is achieved.

The Government of Vanuatu, through its People’s Plan 2016-2030, has a commitment to further develop higher education and to create a National University with bilingual stream in order to promote access to higher education for young people in the country.

The establishment of the National University was recently formalized on January 24 after it was adopted unanimously by Parliament.

The purpose of the University is to provide higher education advancement and lifelong learning through academic and professional excellence by way of training, teaching and learning in both the English and French official languages, research and international cooperation.

There are two faculties and schools established under the University.

1. The Faculty of Humanities:

a. School of Education

b. School of Arts, Languages and Cultures

c. School of Tourism and Business Studies/Management

d. School of Public Administration and Management

e. School of Police and Security Training

2. The Faculty of Science and Technology:

a. School of Science

b. School of Agriculture

c. School of Maritime

d. School of Engineering and Technology

Caretaker Minister of Education, Jean Pierre Nirua has expressed his sincere gratitude to all stakeholders who ensured that the law was passed and the university becomes a reality.

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