Regional Cooperation in Corrections

Director Johnny Marango with officers John Jack George (left) and Daniel Nakou (right). Photo: Department of Correctional Services

The Department of Correctional Services has again shown its commitment to professional development of senior staff, following the return of two officers from Papua New Guinea.

Acting Principal Correctional Officer John Jack George and Senior Corrections officer Daniel Nakou spent 14 months in Papua New Guinea to undertake training with the Papua New Guinea Correctional Service Academy and the University of Papua New Guinea.

“Their achievement in being awarded a Diploma in Corrections Administration is the first of its kind for Vanuatu,” said Director of the Department of Correctional Services, Mr Johnny Marango.

“It is a high academic level of learning.

”The training targets middle managers and officers in higher ranks, such as Managers, and Prison Superintendents.

”The training covers subjects including Corrections Administration, Operations, Intelligence, National Security, Joint Forces Frameworks, Communications, Strategic Planning and Finance.”

Trainee John Jack George said, “this training will not only benefit us, but the whole Department of Correctional Services in Vanuatu.

“We are back to serve the Government and the people of Vanuatu to rehabilitate offenders that have broken the law and prepare them for exit from prison back to society.”

This is the Department’s second time to work with its Melanesian neighbours to provide professional training for its senior officers. Five officers have also completed a Certificate in Corrections Administration with the Solomon Islands Correctional Training Centre.

“May I also take this time to say thank you to the Papua New Guinea Correctional Services PNGCS especially the Commissioner for fully funding this 14 months of training for our two officers, and also special thanks to the Solomon Islands Correctional Services for joint funding of the recent training of my four officers in the Solomons.

“We have been very fortunate to work with the New Zealand Department of Corrections for many years,” added Mr Marango.

“However, it is important we also work with our Melanesian neighbours that operate in a very similar context to us in Vanuatu.

”My Department plans to continue to build a strong relationship with other correctional administrations in Melanesia and the Pacific.”

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