Reconsider the value of our children: DG Watson

Thousands of children turned up for this year’s Children’s Day event at Independence Park.

The Director General (DG) of Justice has made a call for everyone to reconsider the value of our children.

Speaking to a crowd, believed to the biggest turnout on a Children’s Day event, Mrs. Dorosday Watson reminded everyone to value our children whether at home, schools or in our respective communities.

This year’s commemoration of Children’s Day was based on the theme, ‘Valuing and protecting them at home, communities, provinces and nationally.’

“If we want our people to enjoy what we are enjoying today, in the next 40 years, and have an assured future, ensure that our children value the things we value, say the things we are saying and think the way we are thinking,” Mrs. Watson stressed.

She reminded parents of the responsibilities they have as the first teachers at home.

“Our children make up the majority of population today,” she stated.

It is sad to see children becoming victims of all sorts of abuse in their own homes and in the society.

“A big number of offenders at the Correctional facilities are involved in offences against our children. Over 50% of immorality cases are against minors and women. Violence against our children and women is an issue.”

Given this disturbing information, the Justice DG admitted that more work is needed to be done to ensure safety and protection of our children.

She also acknowledged the Government for signing the Children’s Convention in 1992 and thanked government partners such as the NGOs, Churches, communities and business for all kinds of support and works towards children’s rights.

Mrs. Watson appealed for all to rise and allow the Spirit of God move and urged everyone to support the development of the children of Vanuatu, today and in the next 40 years.

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