RBV to host 2019 Griffith — South Pacific Central Banking Research Conference Today

The Reserve Bank of Vanuatu (RBV) is proud to host the second Griffith — South Pacific Central Banking Research Conference (Griffith-SPCB) scheduled for 13-14 November 2019 at Warwick Le Lagon Hotel in Port Vila.

The event is co-hosted with Griffith University, RBV, Reserve Bank of Fiji, Bank PNG, and Central Bank of Solomon Islands, and it will bring researchers from central banks in the Pacific Region, including Reserve Bank of New Zealand and Reserve Bank of Australia, to share current research on the region with academics, policy makers, regulators, multilateral organizations, business leaders, civil society in the region.

Griffith University signed a five-year partnership program with five central banks in the Pacific Region in 2017 to raise capacity in research-based or evidence-based policy formulation. The partnership aims to build capabilities in economic research where relationships between variables are established and papers can be published and used in policy formulation and decisions.

In the media release of the conference, Griffith University emphasized that the purpose of the high level regional policy dialogue is to create an atmosphere that promotes spirited interaction among the participants and helps policy makers fine-tune their own approaches as they apply the lessons and details of SPCB-supported economic policy research on the region.

Besides this specific immediate outcome, the dialogue is designed to improve the prospects for cooperative policy research between policy makers and researchers.

The conference will gather international participants from central banks in the Pacific Region including Timor-Leste, Australia and New Zealand, and partners that include the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the International Finance Corporation.

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