Prime Minister says Vanuatu won’t deviate from West Papua

VWPUAC Chairman, Pastor Alan Nafuki (fourth from left) and members pose with Prime Minister at entrance to Office

In its historic courtesy call and meeting with Prime Minister Bob Loughman to double check on whether or not his Government has received an invitation from Jakarta to visit West Papua, he has assured the Chairman of the Vanuatu West Papua Unification and Association Committee (VWPUAC), Pastor Alan Nafuki, that the allegation is false because he is neither aware nor has he received any invitation from the Indonesian Government for such a visit.

The Prime Minister repeated an earlier statement he stressed to the Chairman that this Government’s position is crystal clear and has always been the same since the statement of the first Father of Independence, the late Father Walter Lini who said Vanuatu would not be completely free until the Pacific’s remaining colonized peoples of West Papua, Kanaky and Tahiti were free.

Prime Minister Loughman did not mince his words when he reiterated that nobody can change his country’s stand on West Papua because all former Governments including his current Government, have a mandate to speak up for the voiceless to help them towards achieving their God given right to self-determination and freedom.

The VWPUAC Chairman’s group went to seek verification from the Prime Minister after Pastor Nafuki was approached by two ni-Vanuatu individuals who claimed that he had been invited by Jakarta and his name was on the list of invitees.

“I asked one of them to show me the invitation with my name on it and he turned and left,” the Chairman said.

Vanuatu is the only country in the world that stands up and speaks up for the freedom of the people of West Papua. It has even passed a Wantok Bill in parliament in support of the freedom of the people of West Papua.

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