VCC praying over President Tallis Obed Moses and First Lady, Estella Moses at PMC

“We have only one religion in Vanuatu and that is Christianity. We have declared this Nation in Yahweh’s name and no other God.

This Nation is declared in His name. So now I would like to call on all Vanuatu to be serious in living in God maintaining togetherness and unity. It is my prayer that God will continue to reveal Himself clearly to all who live in Vanuatu so that they could see and live and move and exist in God alone.

“And I will continue to stand for the former Head of State to uphold and clarify the significance of this Motto ‘Long God Yumi Stanap’ so that this Motto can reflect Vanuatu as a Christian Nation in the Pacific in reality”.

In his first address as Head of State in his own church of Paton Memorial Church at Independence Park yesterday before his commissioning by the Vanuatu Christian Council, the newly elected President Tallis Obed Moses based his words on the country’s Motto.

The President said, “Today we read this statement as news in the print media, which we read then forget. We treat it as a string band song. We sing it during our celebrations. We do not see the depth and goodness and value of this Motto. This Motto is an oath, a promise, a vow made by this Nation to God. The question is, ‘Do the people of Vanuatu see themselves in God?’

“To see as in God means to speak to God fervently in prayer. To see as in God is to be fit to be fed by the word of God daily. To see as is God is to be transformed into His likeness. To see as in God is to love and not kill each other. To see as in God is to live in peace and not in violence in the homes and in the streets.

“I would like to make this call to all Christian churches in Vanuatu, to stand in unity and pray for the people to see themselves in everything they do. This is our responsibility – the churches”.

He said the phrase ‘yumi stanap’ directs all to do everything together including worship starting with the leaders to the grassroots. “Members of parliament, church leaders, chiefs, women and men and young people and children, I am making this call to every one of us. Pray without ceasing, pray for the revival of this Nation. We need to make a joint stand against the weaknesses of this nation. This Motto is our guide. This is a Christian Nation and we have to show it out. In my term I want to see this unity take place in every church, every parliament, every community, and every political party or wherever you are. There is only one Vanuatu so from the South to the North we are one. Our Motto is in front us as and is guiding us. I ask every one of us to stand in this Motto and go forward and I believe that as long as we all stand up and adhere to this Motto, God’s blessing will come over this nation”.

President Tallis Obed Moses thanked all church leaders and members of the Vanuatu Christian Council for their prayers and support which resulted his election to the position of Head of State of the Republic.

The President said according to the Bible, man made the plan but God said the last word.

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