Bulu sworn in as the 6th Ombudsman

Ombudsman Hamlison Bulu signing after taking his oath in front of Attorney General Kiel Loughman.

Vanuatu’s sixth Ombudsman, Mr Hamlison Bulu took his official oath of allegiance before acting Attorney General Kiel Loughman and President Obed Moses Tallis at the State Farea yesterday.

In his key remarks, President Tallis acknowledged authorities who were part of the appointment process and had recommended Mr. Bulu for the position.

“As a former Attorney General and a Supreme Court judge, I know that it is not your first time to go through such ceremony like this, and I am confident that with your caliber you will take this oath with dignity and dedication,” he said.

President Tallis acknowledged Mr. Bulu’s previous work experience in the country, noting as of yesterday, the high office has a new boss to lead the staff who will work under his direction.

“I called on all staff of your office to work and support you as the new Ombudsman,” he said.

“You served in different positions at the State Law Office and involved in drafting the law of this country and with all of your wealth of knowledge of the laws of Vanuatu and your experience and therefore i am appointing you as the new Ombudsman today.

“I ask that you always carry your duty according to the rule of law, follow the Ombudsman Act in making sure that accountability and transparency always prevail in line with the works of legislative and executive arms of the government and inside the public service. “I urged you to always maintain the good relationship with your staff, along with other law agencies to ensure that your office serve the people of this country.”

The Head of State also asked the new Ombudsman to be impartial, loyal to the people of Vanuatu, and manage the high office with dignity and in a professional manner.

“I believe that you will not abuse your office as well as your position for personal interest,” he stressed.

The newly appointed Ombudsman said he could not perform his duty on his own as he needs help for everyone.

“If the citizens cannot come forward and express themselves when they are not happy with the conduct of a leader according to the law or they are not happy with the work the office is doing then it will make the Ombudsman’s work difficult,” Ombudsman Bulu said.

“I believe that you and I can provide a guide of leadership of this nation and government institution to have a healthy environment for everyone.”

Mr. Bulu told Daily Post that he will familiarize himself with his office from this week and he will carry out his duty diligently.

Vanuatu’s first Ombudsman was Marie-Noelle Ferrieux Patterson (14 July 1994 -15 August 1999), followed by Hannington Alatoa (16 August 1999 — 16 August 2004), Peter Taurakoto (1 April 2005 — 1 April 2010), Pasa Tosusu (23 April 2010 — 16 June 2012), Kalkot Mataskelekele (18 December 2012- 17 December 2017) and now Mr. Bulu (July 16 2019 — 16 July 2024).

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