Prepare to help our people: Salong

New MP-elect for Ambrym, John Salong.

As soon as the official results of the 2020 General Election was officially declared by the Electoral Commission on Monday evening, and despite the severe tropical cyclone Harold that battered the islands of Vanuatu, one of the first new MP-elect to make an urgent call for the new national leaders in the 12th Legislature to come out and prepare to help their people is Mr John Salong of Ambrym.

On Tuesday morning, Mr Salong vowed he is prepare to look at how to help the people in his home constituency, one of the islands badly hit by cyclone Harold.

The new MP-elect said he is prepared to reach out to help not only the people in his constituency but Vanuatu as a whole.

“I am prepared to help tomorrow,” he commented. At the same time, he reaffirmed some of his party policies which he promised to the people of his constituency to implement, once he is elected into parliament.

He cited the GJP Party policies on completing decentralization in the setup of the 72 local area councils throughout the six provinces of Vanuatu; changes to the Constitution to stop political instability in parliament and in the country; support Malvatumauri budget; support local businesses in the national economic drive into the future; strengthen human resources in the public sector; quality teaching services; quality health; reforming public services; stop sale of citizenship and seek national consultation to this first; raise quality health for the people of Vanuatu and implement the national sustainable development plan.

Mr Salong reiterated the immediate responsibility to address the immediate needs of the people of his constituency and that of the nation following cyclone Harold, as national issues at hand become the responsibilities of new leaders to tackle.

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